Mission & Values: 


Ashley Howe here, Chief Creative Officer & Founder of DRESSASPACE, Creative Planning & Design.


I am humbled to introduce you to my ultimate Love Story! 


At DRESSASPACE, we offer an extended loving hand for an array of spaces through Decor, Organization & Wardrobe. Other areas of service include Wedding & Event Planning.


Through mindful planning for each unique project, DRESSASPACE prioritizes the needs, visions, goals & wishes of our clients. 


Authenticity, open honest communication, productive reasonable timelines, sensible solutions & fair schedules are the everlasting values at DRESSASPACE.


Cultivating relationships & collaborating on a local to global scale with entrepreneurs, creative & business professionals, as well as charities, are on Ashley's hot list. 


We are actively cultivating skills in Photography, DIY projects & Meditation to enable us to continue creating & broadening our services!


Kind Vibes, Ashley Howe

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Ashley Howe





Raleigh, North Carolina

We have passports & are willing to travel!